Acronym Meaning
ABPD Annual Business Development Plan
AI Artificial Intelligence
AICE Asia Innovation Contracting Est.
AMJ Al Mourjan
APREH ACWA Power Renewable Energy Holdings
BAC Board Audit Committee
BDTS Business Development Technical Services
BEC Board Executive Committee
BU Business Unit
BESS Battery Energy Storage System
BIM Building Information Modelling
C-Suite Top management positions
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
CCGT Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CGR Corporate Governance Regulations
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
CMA Capital Market Authority
COD Commercial Operation Date
CoE Centre of Excellence
COMO Chief Operations and Maintenance Officer
CPMO Chief Portfolio Management Officer
CPCCO Chief of People, Culture and Communications Officer
CSP Concentrating Solar Power
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CTO Chief Technical Officer
EBL Equity Bridge Loans
EMO Executive Management Officer
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction
EGA Extraordinary General Assembly
Equity LC Equity Letter of Credit
ERM Environment Risk Management
ESG Environmental, Social and Governance
ESIA Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
FC Financial Close
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
GW Gigawatt
HFO Heavy Fuel Oil
HIWPT Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies
IA Investment Agreement
ICOD Initial Commercial Operation Date
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
IoT Internet of Things
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPP Independent Power Project
IWP Independent Water Project
IWPP Independent Water and Power Project
IWSPP Independent Water, Steam and Power Project
JIGCC Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
KAUST King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
LNTP Limited Notice To Proceed
LC Letter of Credit
LTIP Long-Term Incentive Plan
LTI rate Lost Time Incident Rate
m3 Cubic metre
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBTU Million British Thermal Unit
MC Management Committee
MCIT Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
MD&A Management Discussion and Analysis
MED Multiple Effect Distillation
MENA Middle East and North Africa
MES Maintenance Energy Services
MIS Management Information Systems
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ML Machine Learning
MoE Ministry of Energy
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MPC Monitoring and Prediction Centre
MSF Multiple Stage Flash
Mt Metric tonne
MVP Minimum Viable Product
NCI Non-Controlling Interests
NGHC NEOM Green Hydrogen Company
NGHP NEOM Green Hydrogen Project
NOMAC First National Operations & Maintenance Company
NPS Net Promoter Score
NRC Nomination and Remuneration Committee
O&M Operation and Maintenance
O&M RD Operations and Maintenance Regional Director
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHSE Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
OTS Owner’s Technical Specifications
PCCO People, Culture and Communications Officer
PCOD Project Final Commercial Operation Date
PEO Project Execution Office
PGM Plant General Manager
PIF Public Investment Fund
PMRD Portfolio Management Regional Director
POCF Parent Operating Cashflow
PPA Power Purchase Agreement
PPP Public Private Partnership
PPGTA Power Purchase and Gas Tolling Agreement
PV Photovoltaic
PVPP Photovoltaic Power Purchase
PWPA Power and Water Purchase Agreement
QA/QC Quality Assurance/Quality Control
RAWEC Petro-Rabigh IWSPP
RAWEC Exp Petro-Rabigh (Phase 2) IWSPP
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RDIA Research Development and Investment Authority
REPDO Renewable Energy Projects Development Office
RES Renewable Energy Sources
RMC Risk Management Committee
RO Reverse Osmosis
ROS Reliability of Supply
SABB Saudi Arabia British Bank
SAGIA Saudi Arabian General Investments Authority
SAR/SR Saudi Arabian Riyal
SBDP Strategic Business Development Plan
SDAIA Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority
SEPCO Shuaibah Expansion IWP
SIBOR Saudi Arabia Interbank Offered Rate
SPA Sale Purchase Agreement
SPC Specific Power Consumption
SPPC Saudi Power Procurement Company
SqWEC Shuqaiq Water and Electricity Company
SRF Silk Road Fund
SRR Strategic Risk Review
STIP Short-Term Investment Plan
SWEC Shuaibah IWPP
SWEC RO Shuaibah 3 IWP
SWRO Seawater Reverse Osmosis
TCFD Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
tCO2 tonne of tCO2 or tonne of tCO2 equivalent, as applicable
TIC Total Investment Cost
TRSP The Red Sea Project
UAE United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles
UX User Experience
WECA Water and Energy Conversion Agreement
WETIC Water and Environment Technologies Company
WPA Water Purchase Agreement