The total CO2 emissions of ACWA Power’s portfolio in 2022 were 
74.9 mn t CO2
The total CO2 emissions of ACWA Power’s share of the portfolio were 
31.8 mn t CO2

Although our absolute emissions increased in 2022 compared to 2021, the CO₂ intensity of gross electricity generation decreased in 2022.

This is partly due to the fact our gross electricity production increased in 2022
146.1 mn MWh
CO₂ intensity of gross electricity generation of the total portfolio in 2022 was 
0.43 t CO₂/MWh
CO₂ intensity of gross electricity generation of ACWA Power’s equity share in 2022 was 
0.42 t CO₂/MWh

ACWA Power’s energy transition

We are committed to …

  • decarbonise our portfolio and focus on renewables and transitional low CO2 emitting assets,
  • the reporting standards recommended by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and is in the process of developing a plan to achieve and monitor our climate-change related commitments

During 2022 …

  • 2,400 MW Hassyan IPP — conversion of operation from clean coal to natural gas — 30 million tonnes CO2 emission saving by 2030Based on 55% capacity factor
  • Sale of Shuqaiq IWPP (oil-fired asset) — permanently reducing the carbon footprint of our portfolio by c. 1.9 million tonnes of CO2 per yearACWA Power’s equity share equivalent.
  • Conversion of Shuaibah 3 IWPP, an oil-fired asset into an RO desalination plant in line — reducing the carbon footprint of our portfolio by c. 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 per yearACWA Power’s equity share equivalent. with the Kingdom’s energy transition vision 2030
  • Addition of five new renewable projects to our portfolio.


No coal

39 %
Renewables % of total portfolio capacity in GW


50% reduction in emissions intensity

ACWA Power will reduce its emissions intensity by 50% compared to 2020

50+ %
Renewables % of total installed capacity, GW


Net Zero

Maximum use of up to 5% carbon capture credits

95+ %
Renewables % of total portfolio capacity in GW